Dr. Kalaivani, MBBS, DA, DNB, Bangalore

I wish to share my experience with and all. Miraculous Infant Jesus is a living god and he blesses abundantly those who believe in him. Though I am a Hindu by birth, my heart, mind and soul is with Jesus only. I have been experiencing his love and affection for the past ten years. He has done so many miracles for me and my family. The fellowship jobs I got in Australia and England is a miracle he has done for me. Through my prayers I share all my problems and happiness with him. In times of distress just praying to him gives me instant relief.

My daughter vidya's marriage got fixed suddenly. Since I was busy with my work here I prayed that he should conduct the marriage for me. I went just one day before the marriage to Chennai. His presence was felt in the wedding hall and to everybody's amazement the marriage was a grand success. My entire family believes in him and he has blessed my husband Dr. Suresh and my son in law Mr. Anand. My son in law started believing in him and Jesus has raised him to great heights. He is a living god. Believe in him and he will bless you abundantly.

I also add that my son karthik who believes in Infant Jesus escaped unhurt in a major car accident. Jesus has given him a second lease of life.

Annie David, Nagpur

Anita has been married to Alexander for the last four years now and has been blessed with a son, Allan. Alexander's Transporting Business which was running smoothly came to a standstill two and half years back due to the cheating of his business colleagues, who ditched him of his money and all our efforts to retrieve the amount proved to be futile.

We were helpless and in total darkness with no hope to get the money back and to start the business afresh. Life was more than a hell for us.

We kept praying to the lord for his help and blessings. Prayer Request were sent everywhere that the lord may help us have compassion on us.

Alexander attended retreat at the divine retreat centre, pota, Kerala in June 2004 along with his friend and next door neighbour, Valley D’Souza Who had a great faith that many miracles take place at this center. Here it was proclaimed that “Jesus will lead Alexander David “.

INDEED, Jesus led him. Of course, the money is not retrieved to us till today but after coming from pota, Jesus started showering his blessings upon Alexander and his business has restarted with grace of the almighty (which was otherwise, an impossible task for us).


"The Lord Is Near To All Who Call Upon Him In Truth" Psalm 145 : 18

Fr. I request you to please pray for my three and half year old, Allan whose tongue Satan has caught hold of and as a result Allan has not yet started talking completely please remember him in your prayers at the shrine.

Dr. Praveen Kumar, Bangalore

This is about a miraculous incident which occurred in my life. I passed my MBBS. Final Exam and was trying for post-graduate seat in Surgical Field since 3 years. But I was not able to make it up. I was very upset and felt trapped in some cage and not finding a way out from it. Then I came to know about "Miraculous Infant Jesus" through my mother. I prayed god to fulfill my wishes and it’s really happened. I got Post-graduate seat in M.S. (ENT). I want to thank 'Infant Jesus ' from the bottom of my heart. And I request Jesus to bless me for my future and my family.

"Thank you Miraculous Infant Jesus" I prayed to god that I will present a pair of forceps if I get PG seat. So that is why I request Miraculous Infant Jesus to accept my present and bless me.