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11 : 15 a.m
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06 : 00 p.m
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Archbishop's Message

Jesus Church of Bangalore has become a landmark. Thousands of devotees of all castes and creed visit the Shrine to invoke blessings from Infant Jesus. It has brought together thousands and lakhs of people who would otherwise go astray. They have learnt to live in peace and harmony because of the spiritual assistance they have received by visiting and praying at the Infant Jesus Shrine.

Also I pray that God bless all the devotees of Jesus who throng in large numbers of all castes and creed under the banner of Infant Jesus, we may all become united and praise Him for His Glory, as Jesus Christ prayed that all of us might be one. Yes, May the Infant Jesus bring all people of good will under His kingly mantle and protect them all.

Yours in Christ,

Most. Rev. Bernard Moras,
Archbishop of Bangalore